Green Tea Popcorn (premium modern confection)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Interior Content: 80g (2.82oz)

Usually Hibiki-an offers traditional Japanese snacks, but here, we would like to introduce this modern snack made in Nagasaki Prefecture, located in southern Japan. This Premium Green Tea Popcorn is mellow and smooth because it is made from only high grade green tea and the recipe is carefully considered.

These Japanese modern confections are made in a popcorn store in Nagasaki who has now been producing many flavors of popcorn. The company owner is passionate about producing premium popcorn. She went through a lot of trial and error to develop this recipe. Her wish is to bring happiness to people through popcorn!

This Premium Green Tea Popcorn is healthy because olive oil is used and they don’t use artificial additives. They use only high grade tea which is a local specialty of Nagasaki. It took a long time to find the best way to bring out the green tea flavor. So, this popcorn is one of the uncompromising products for them.

The texture is very light, crispy and makes your mouth full of joy. Adding to that, you can feel the mellow and smooth taste of green tea. The elegant and moderate sweetness will melt and linger in your mouth. If you try eating it once, you will find that it is rather addictive!

We are certain that you will be pleased having this modern green tea sweet with rich green tea flavor for your enjoyment.

No artificial additives
Using Olive oil

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FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all orders of US$36.00 or more.

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Non-GMO corn, olive oil, sugar, green tea powder, salt, lecithin (from soybeans), baking powder, (Contains traces of wheat and soybean)
Net Weight: 80g (2.82oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 5 months from production date


Though packaged very carefully, it is possible for Green Tea Popcorn to break because it is fragile. We can't accept reshipping or returning request due to breakage.

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