Sea Salt Tomato AMANATTOH (salty tomato glace)

This is limited edition only available in autumn season.

Interior Content: 130g (4.58oz)

We Hibiki-an introduce Japanese style modern confections that pair perfectly with Japanese tea. Here, we offer Sea Salt Tomato AMANATTOH.

AMANATTOH is a traditional Japanese glace. It is traditionally made with various beans in Japan. In contrast, fruit is usually used in western countries, covered with sugar after simmering with sugar syrup and drying. Here, we have selected tomatoes for this premium and unique AMANATTOH.

Typically, glace is too sugary, but our AMANATTOH is slightly sweet, and it is seasoned with salt to enhance the sweetness of the tomatoes. In addition, we use whole tomato in order not to not spoil the tomato flavor, so that it is possible to enjoy its sophisticated taste and rich flavor. The combination of original sweetness of the tomato and slight saltiness are very pleasant. The light and dry texture stimulates our appetite.

We specially ordered this Sea Salt Tomato AMANATTOH from a long-established confectioner founded in 1882. They are carefully and painstakingly made with traditional methods.

The noble and unique sweetness of Sea Salt Tomato AMANATTOH pairs perfectly with Japanese green tea. Seldom available outside Japan, we are certain that this confection will enrich your green moment.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Tomato, sugar, salt, acidulant (citric acid), antioxidant (sulfite)
Net Weight: 130g (4.58oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 8 months from production date
*The white powder is crystallized sugar.

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01. Rudi Hermawan Indonesia
676 09/30/2021
02. Thorn United States
623 07/26/2020

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