Dried ICHIGO / KAKI Fruits (strawberry / persimmon)

This is limited edition only available in winter season.

Interior Content: 10g (0.35oz) each, packed in zip lock bag

These are premium dried fruits, made with strawberry and persimmon, grown only in Japan. Since sulfur dioxide is not used for food preservative, it is possible to fully enjoy authentic fruits flavor.
Both dried fruits have a rich taste, and unique and fruity aroma that expands in your mouth. Each fruit is sliced by a dedicated machine, so that the color of each fruit remains bright and fresh. These dried fruits are not soaked in sugar, but their natural fruity flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time. The more it is chewed, the tastier it becomes.

(Dried ICHIGO strawberry)
Our ICHIGO strawberry is grown in Fukuoka Prefecture, located in southern Japan. This area is very famous for its strawberry growing, especially for “AMAOH” which is one of the strawberry varieties grown in this area. The name of this variety means red, round, huge and delicious. Some strawberries are red in color only on the outer surface, but AMAOH is red throughout, even on the inside. Since dried strawberry has a condensed taste, you will fully enjoy the rich and sweet taste of strawberry, and a uniquely sour after note.

(Dried KAKI persimmon)
Our KAKI persimmon is also grown in Fukuoka Prefecture, located in southern Japan. Persimmons are immediately processed into dried fruits in order to keep fresh, so that it is possible to obtain not only the delicate and unique flavor of the persimmon, but also its vivid orange color. One of the important points of this dried fruit is its thickness. It is not too thin, and not too thick, but of adequate thickness, which creates its soft and unique texture.

Since neither food additives nor sulfur dioxide for preservatives are used on both dried fruits, it is possible to enjoy the natural and sophisticated taste of those fruits. Of course both of them pair beautifully with Japanese green tea. Would you enjoy its noble aroma and flavor with Japanese green tea?


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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Strawberry, persimmon
Contents: Dried strawberry 10g (0.35oz), dried persimmon 10g (0.35oz) Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date

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