EBI SENBEI (baked shrimp crackers)

This is limited edition only available in spring season.

Interior content: 63g (2.22 oz) of shrimp crackers

EBI SENBEI shrimp crackers are one of the most famous snacks in Japan. These round and cherry-pink color crackers are extraordinarily crispy and light, and pair very well with Japanese green tea.

We at Hibiki-an selected one of the premium shrimp crackers manufactured in Japan. EBI means shrimp, and SENBEI means Japanese cracker. These crackers are made on the Chita peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, which is surrounded by two gulfs. This area is well known for its excellent and plentiful seafood. The catch of shrimp in this area is very abundant, which makes it possible to use fresh shrimp for these EBI SENBEI.

The natural flavor of shrimp and other ingredients, moderate saltiness, and crispy texture are the main features of these SENBEI. Minced shrimp are mixed with potato starch, and baked by rolling machine in two to three minutes. The potato starch creates the crispy texture and the special baking process enhances it even more. Our shrimp crackers are not fried but baked, so that the texture is very light and healthy.

Adding to that, shrimp are used not only in the dough but also on the surface of the crackers. One small piece of shrimp is placed on the surface during the baking process. Fresh shrimp are directly baked by rolling machine, so the crispy and fragrant flavor and aroma of shrimp can be enjoyed for a long time.

Once you try these EBI SENBEI, not only the delicious flavor of shrimp, but also the delightful aroma, expands in your mouth. The flavor and aroma are irresistible. If you try one bite, you will find that it is rather difficult to stop!





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Potato starch, shrimp, salt, vegetable oil, reduced syrup, yeast extract, red pepper, sugar, seasoning, food coloring, sweetener
Net Weight: 63g (2.22oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 4 months from production date

*Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, dairy, squid, soybeans, sesame, matsutake mushrooms, oranges and almonds.


Though packed very carefully, it is possible for SENBEI to break because they are fragile. We can't accept reshipping or returning request due to breakage

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