IRIKOBISHI Coaster Value Set (6 Coasters)

size: 3.94inch(10cm) x 3.94inch(10cm)

This is a value set of 6 TAKEDABISHI coasters. With this set, you receive a special value: 6 coasters for the price of 4!

IRIKO means the same pattern but different size, and BISHI means diamond-shaped pattern. Same size of Diamond patterns are regularly arranged and beautifully lined up in order. Large and small size of diamond patterns are disposed concentrically, as if patterns are piled up from large to small size. Argyle design colored in white is well reflected on navy blue texture.

Along with using for tea time, this style of coaster is traditionally used for displaying ceramics in a tea room, for example, placed under a Matcha Bowl on display. These coasters create a high-toned and dignified atmosphere of refined beauty.

Made in Japan.
Made from 100% cotton




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