Gyokuro / Houjicha WARABI MOCHI (traditional jelly)

This is limited edition only available in spring season.

Interior Content: 4 pieces (Gyokuro flavor 2 pieces, Houjicha flavor 2 pieces)

WARABI MOCHI dumplings are a classic Japanese confection like jelly which has a unique texture with smoothness and elasticity. This WARABI MOCHI is well seasoned by Gyokuro and Houjicha tea powder. The rich flavor of Gyokuro and Houjicha tea expands in your mouth. The presentation is also beautiful, with Gyokuro green and Houjicha brown color. You will be pleased with the unique texture and subtle flavor of Gyokuro / Houjicha WARABI MOCHI!

WARABI MOCHI has been enjoyed for more than 1100 years in Japan. It is said that the Buddhist priest of Tohdai-ji temple introduced WARABI MOCHI during the Heian period. The world heritage site Tohdai-ji temple is located in Nara prefecture which is next to Kyoto and is known for WARABI production. It is also said that emperor Daigo, who is one of the authorities of the Heian period, loved WARABI MOCHI deeply. WARABI MOCHI has been popular among many Japanese people since ancient times.

The soft and springy texture of WARABI MOCHI will captivate you and tea lovers will be satisfied by the flavor of Gyokuro and Houjicha tea. Would you enjoy this Gyokuro / Houjicha WARABI MOCHI, only available in spring, with your green tea moment?

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Reduced sugar syrup, sugar, Gyokuro tea powder, Houjicha tea powder, bracken starch, trehalose, gelling agent (polysaccharide thickener), gardenia pigment, flavoring agent
Contents: 4 pieces (Gyokuro flavor 2 pieces, Houhicha flavor 2 pieces)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 4 months from production date


One piece is perfect for one or two people. For four people, you may slice WARABI MOCHI into two equal parts and enjoy both Gyokuro and Houjicha flavor.

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