MISO Meringue (Japanese-style meringue confection)

This is limited edition only available in spring season.

Interior Content: 15-20pcs (about 3g each)

(Please note: Flour and barley are used in the same factory.)

This snack is a miraculous encounter between Japanese traditional food and western confection. MISO, one of the staples of Japanese food culture, is mixed into whipped fresh white eggs and sugar, and baked slowly and delicately. Each piece is handmade by an expert pastry chef at a long-established shop, and the subtle aroma of MISO expands in your mouth, as the snack dissolves slowly and tenderly. The salty flavor of MISO and moderate sugar sweetness is a perfect combination.

MISO is one of the Japanese traditional fermented foods made from soybean or rice. In Japan, MISO is typically used to make soup, dressing and so on, but seldom used in confections. You might feel that MISO is not suitable for sweets, but this confection is well collaborated with sweet snacks. An exquisite seasoning with salt coming from MISO amuses your mouth. Adding to that, the adequate salty taste enhances its noble sweetness of meringue confection. The very unique, new flavor of salinity and sweetness is truly a joy to eat.

The dynamic texture of the meringue is also one of the interesting points. At first, the baked texture is quite crispy and light, and the aroma of MISO faintly expands in your mouth. If you allow the confection to dissolve on the tongue, the very smooth texture of meringue softens and melts down like spun sugar. If you instead chew this confection, not trying to dissolve on your tongue, the new crispy texture of glutinous rice, which is called ARARE enriches your mouth. It is possible to enjoy some variation of texture, depending on your preferences.

The MISO is carefully selected and sourced in Japan, and the western sweet confection is well collaborated into one unique snack. The faint aroma and flavor of MISO enhances the subtle sweetness of the meringue confection. The unique and smooth texture of the meringue stands out by adding the Japanese traditional snack of ARARE glutinous rice. We are certain that the new palate feeling and novel taste and flavor pair very well with Japanese green tea.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Sugar, egg white, glutinous rice, rice miso (rice, soybean, salt)
Net Weight: 50g
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 4 months from production date

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