KOUJI SOBA BOLO (rice malt buckwheat cookies)

This is limited edition only available in winter season.

Interior Content: 120g (4.23oz)

SOBA BOLO are one of the most traditional Japanese confections, and are often served with Japanese green tea. KOUJI malted rice, one of the staples of Japanese food culture, is included in this cookie. A long-established store dealing with KOUJI foods for more than 300 years invented this collaboration between the traditional confection and traditional food culture. KOUJI rice fermentation starter and buckwheat flour are mixed to make BOLO cookies, creating the unique aroma, texture and sweetness.

KOUJI is one of the traditional starters used to make fermented foods in Japan. It is derived from rice, and serves an important role in the creation of many Japanese foods, such as SAKE, soy sauce, MISO and so on. SOBA means buckwheat in Japanese, and BOLO is a general term for baked confections. BOLO is one of the traditional confections coming from European countries more than 400 years ago. The combination between SOBA buckwheat and BOLO confection is known as the traditional Kyoto confection, called SOBA BOLO.

It seems that the texture of this cookie would be relatively heavy and oily, but the texture of SOBA BOLO is very light, and the aroma of SOBA lingers in your mouth for a long time. After the fragrance of SOBA, light but noble sweetness, deriving from KOUJI rice malt expands for a while. Both texture and sweetness are so pleasant that it may be difficult to stop eating.

KOUJI malted rice not only adds the subtle sweetness but also has health benefits. It is said that KOUJI helps to accelerate the skin, making it more beautiful. Its nutrients are known to have a relaxing effect. Moreover, KOUJI creates enzymes and supports digestion. This cookie not only amuses your mouth but also supports your health.

Since KOUJI malted rice is very delicate in terms of temperature and humidity, this cookie is made only in the autumn and winter seasons. A good combination of KOUJI and SOBA BOLO, which all originate from Japanese tradition, certainly will amuse your mouth and pair very well with Japanese green tea.





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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Flour, sugar (white refined sugar, soft brown sugar), egg, buckwheat flour, malted rice, leavening agent
Net Weight: 120g
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date

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