KANTEN ZENZAI (modern sweet bean jelly)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Interior Content: 3 pieces of 85g (2.99oz) each

ZENZAI are classic Japanese traditional confections, made with AZUKI red beans. AZUKI beans have a rich flavor profile similar to coffee beans or chocolate. KANTEN ZENZAI modern sweet bean jelly is made by combining ZENZAI with KANTEN Japanese agar, a plant-based (vegetarian) thickener, and moderately sweetened with sugar. You will be pleased with the premium harmony of unique texture of KANTEN agar jelly and subtle sweetness of ZENZAI sweet red beans. If preferred, you may chill KANTEN ZENZAI for an especially refreshing treat for the summer season.

The KANTEN ZENZAI recipe is simple, so the quality of ingredients directly affect the flavor. We use only AZUKI red beans grown in HOKKAIDO prefecture, located in northernmost Japan, the most famous production center of highest quality AZUKI. Since the AZUKI red beans are simply combined with KANTEN agar, you will enjoy the original taste and texture of the ingredients.
The moderately sweet, refreshing taste and fine crushed texture of KANTEN ZENZAI will be pleasing to your palate. Besides, KANTEN ZENZAI is so healthy because it has no fat and no artificial additives.

Here, ZENZAI traditional confections are presented in a modernized style. KANTEN ZENZAI creates a modern atmosphere. Especially, the wave pattern decorated on the surface has an elegant look, evoking a cool and fresh feeling, like the breeze at the seaside.

If you prefer, it will intensify the flavor to cool KANTEN ZENZAI in the refrigerator for a short time just before eating. Chilled KANTEN ZENZAI is very refreshing, and it evokes the cool breeze of a summer evening in Japan.
We also recommend serving KANTEN ZENZAI together with fresh fruit or ice cream. The visual of KANTEN ZENZAI together with fresh fruit or ice cream is stunning, and you will enjoy the balance of flavors.
Our KANTEN ZENZAI pairs very well with all kinds of Japanese tea. It is fabulous dipped in Matcha, especially prepared in the traditional way. The subtle sweetness of KANTEN ZENZAI harmonizes perfectly with the refined bitter taste of Matcha.

We are certain that KANTEN ZENZAI will please your palate and enhance your green moment.

No artificial additives
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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: AZUKI soy beans, sugar, agar, salt
Net Weight: 85g (2.99oz) x 3
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 6 months from production date


If you prefer, would you cool in the refrigerator for a short time just before eating?
One container is perfect for one or two people. For two people, you may slice KANTEN ZENZAI into two equal parts.
Cut into the four corners to easily remove KANTEN ZENZAI from the container.

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