KIDAMI HANA KARAKUSA (handcrafted Teacup: 190ml)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

Handcrafted teacup: 190ml (6.68fl oz), diameter: 3.74inches (9.5cm) height: 3.34inches (8.5cm)
Sophisticated Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Kohnosuke Murata at Rokusai Kiln

This teacup shows the great effort taken by Kohnosuke Murata. The blue color of the KARAKUSA arabesque pattern is rhythmically designed outside the teacup. The strong yellow color creates vivid contrast. The landscape is painted with an elaborate touch on the octagon shaped teacup. Only blue and yellow colors are used on this cup, creating a graceful aura.

KIDAMI of this name means filling blank space with yellow color, HANA means flower, and KARAKUSA means sequence of flowers or arabesque design in Japanese. It is said that KIDAMI, which is to fill only the blank space, is much more difficult than MAKIE, which is to paint the whole surface, because KIDAMI requires the artisan to uniformly paint the pigment while avoiding all complicated patterns. So, the KIDAMI technique can’t be adopted to common porcelain but only to extremely high grade porcelain.
Tangled airy KARAKUSA patterns, which are colored in blue, are dynamically painted outside the teacup. Only a single blue color is used to paint arabesque patterns, but the flowers are depicted with light color, and the leaves and stems are decorated with strong color. The range of tones is created by the use of the brush, especially the speed of the brush movement. The brush technique, which has been perfected over time, impresses the lively image, as if arabesque patterns and flowers are fluttering.

SANSUI Landscape decorated inside the cup is also delicate and elaborate work. It is very difficult to paint inside the teacup using a special brush, but each piece, such as mountain, woods, house and so on, is decorated with a refined touch. Adding to that difficulty, the gradation technique is used only in one single color. This technique not only creates the colorful image, but also provides the appearance of depth.

The shape of this Yunomi teacup is also one of the focal points. The octagon shape teacup is formed by using a special mold which is covered with textile after the pottery wheel. Its shape adds a lively manner to the arabesque patterns. Also, the textile pattern is left inside the teacup during the forming process, and it perfectly matches the decoration of the landscape.

The form of this Yunomi is flared open toward the rim. The sturdy form on the bottom gives an impression of strength, but the curved line toward the rim is consummately graceful. As with other highest grade porcelain, this teacup is thin and very light, requiring expert turning wheel techniques.

This Yunomi teacup has a lot of elaborate and refined techniques. The unique shape attracts our attention, and arabesque patterns with lively manner evoke the strength of nature. The elaborate design inside the teacup makes us feel as though we are in the ancient landscape. You will certainly be drawn to its design, which will enhance your genuine Japanese green tea moment.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.




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Kohnosuke Murata

Kohnosuke Murata was born in Kyoto in 1963. He started to work under the first generation of Kohnosuke in 1981, and succeeded the Rokusai Kiln as the second generation in 1999.
He has the reputation for profound ceramic glazing technique and graceful painting technique. His works are highly praised as heavy in appearance yet light in weight, which is created by his pottery wheel technique, and unique painting technique. Its uniqueness is due to the expert brushing technique, which was established by the former Kohnosuke, creating a certain light and soft aura.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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