Large FUROSHIKI - KURO FUJI w/Carton Box

This item includes one large size FUROSHIKI fabric, which size is 26.77 inches (68cm) and one carton box, which size is 11.4 x 8.66 x 4.92 in inch (29 x 22 x 12.5 in centimeter).

The FUROSHIKI wrapping fabric is suitable to wrap tea or larger size items. It is of course reusable and perfect for wrapping anything from a bento lunchbox to larger items, like an 18-inch laptop PC. It can be used as a decorative wall hanging, table cloth, scarf, and so on. It depends on your idea.

This FUROSHIKI, made in Kyoto, Japan from high-quality rayon, is 26.77 inches (68cm) square. Soft and smooth texture of FUROSHIKI fabric, which is similar to the finest silk, creates a graceful atmosphere in wrapping, and its unique hand feel is luxurious.
KUROFUJI means black colored Mt. Fuji, and it is one of the famous ukiyo-e paintings by Hokusai Katsushika. The top of the mountain is sunny, but the hillside and lower areas are overspread with dark clouds. Two different types of weather illustrate that Mt. Fuji is higher than any other mountain, giving a vibrant and lively impression of nature.

It is also possible to wrap our teaware items which are essential to enjoy drinking Japanese green tea. For example, it is suitable to pack one Kyusu, one pair of small size Yunomi, like MATSUBA Yunomi, and 40-gram or 100-gram loose leaf teas in one gift box, and wrap it in this FUROSHIKI fabric. It is also possible to wrap Matcha teaware, such as a Matcha bowl, whisk, whisk keeper, bamboo spoon, and a 40-gram size container of Matcha.

This Large FUROSHIKI w/Carton Box makes it possible to customize your favorite items and wrap them yourself to create the perfect gift for your friends or relatives.

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- Large FUROSHIKI Fabric - KURO FUJI (26.77 inches / 68cm square, Rayon, Made in Kyoto, Japan)
- Carton box (11.4inch x 8.66inch x 4.92inch / 29cm x 22cm x 12.5cm)

Tea Ware Not Included

This item does not contain any tea ware. If you are looking for tea ware items, please visit our "Teapots / Cups", or "Matcha Bowls / Accessories" category.

Celebration Gifts in Japan

In Japan, Japanese green tea is often presented as a gift to celebrate. People give the gift of green tea for a good health and a long life of your good friends, or family. It is suitable for any special gift occasions, for Christmas, holiday, birthday, mother's day, father's day... (For more information, click here.)

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