Hand Sifter (Chakoshi)

diameter; 2.95inch (7.5cm), length; 6.49inch (16.5cm)

If you do not sift Matcha in advance, it tends to get lumpy either when you drink the Matcha or when you make Matcha sweets. The taste of lumpy Matcha is not good at all, so sifting is an essential process.
This item is perfect for sifting Matcha. It is very quick and easy to sift Matcha using this item, and also convenient to prepare one cup of Matcha.
We Hibiki-an chose this hand sifter with a strong preference. The mesh strainer of this carefully selected hand sifter is not too coarse, but not too fine, which is ideal for sifting Matcha. Appropriate strength of handle and strainer also lasts a long time.

How to sift matcha:
1. Place Matcha hand sifter on the Matcha bowl or any cup.
2. Put Matcha on the mesh.
3. Press down the Matcha with the Chashaku Matcha spoon or tea spoon.
*It is possible to wash this item.

Made in Japan.





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