UME no KA (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

diameter: 4.52inch (11.5cm) height: 3.14inch (8cm), standard matcha bowl size
Sophisticated Kyo Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Sohoh Tanaka in Sohoh Kiln

This Matcha bowl is very unique and superb, and the various colors of plum blossoms add to the elegant atmosphere. The clay color glaze accentuates not only the beauty of the shape of the bowl but also the plum blossoms. The more we look at this bowl, the more we are drawn in by its beauty.

UME means plum, and KA means fragrance in Japanese. Plum blossoms colored in red, white and gold decorate the inside and outside of the bowl. As the name indicates, it seems as though the mellow scent of plum blossoms floats from the Matcha bowl.
Plum blossoms are vividly painted inside and outside the bowl with the use of red, white and golden colors. Some plum blossoms are still buds, and some are in full bloom. Its painting gives us an image of the mellow scent of plum. The contour lines of plum blossoms are colored in gold, and it accentuates the elegance of the plum blossoms and the Matcha bowl.
The powerfully painted plum tree trunk evokes the vitality of nature. Mosses are partially painted with green color, signifying that the plum tree has been growing there for a long time. The use of golden color on the trunk and branches adds elegance. The contrast between the powerful tree trunk and the elegant plum blossoms exemplifies the beauty of nature.

The glaze is the key feature of this bowl. This glazing is called UNDEI YU in Japanese, and that means cloud and clay glazing. Sohoh Tanaka developed his own unique glazes to create an elegant and WABI SABI aesthetic. This method of glazing highlights the beauty of earthenware, and adds elegance to the bowl. Mr. Sohoh uses two slightly different types of glaze, and fires the bowl twice. This elaborate process adds depth to the bowl’s texture.
The form of the bowl provides elegance and vividness. Finger line called YUBIATO made by the potter's wheel adds subtle elegance, and the paintings are also drawn quite beautifully. UNDEI YU glazing harmonizes all the elements of this bowl. Mr. Sohoh’s glazing technique indeed plays a very important role.
UNDEI YU glazing is also associated with the image of the earth. The combination between its earthy texture and elegant and powerful touch makes us feel as if we are in the Japanese plum garden in which the mellow plum fragrance flows.

Elaborately and gorgeously painted plum blossoms are in full bloom. Once you touch and see the bowl in which the elegant and WABI SABI aesthetic are expressed, you will experience the fragrance of the plum blossoms.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
(Please note that there are individual differences in each piece and each piece is unique, due to the features of this work.)




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Sohoh Tanaka

Sohoh Tanaka was born in 1935 in Kyoto. He devoted himself to his studies of pottery for 20 years, and in 1970, established his own kiln in Kyoto. He receives many prestigious awards in the field of ceramic art and handicrafts. His work is based on Kyo Yaki style, but his designs are original. His work is so refined and noble that his ceramic art is highly praised not only in Japan but throughout the world.


- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

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