YUZU Peel (Japanese citrus peel glace)

This is limited edition only available in autumn season.
This item is temporarily Out of Stock, and will be available again around September 25 JST.

Interior Content: 90g (3.17oz) packed in plastic case

YUZU citrus peel is one of the Japanese modern and premium glace confections. Plump YUZU peels coated with sugar have a soft and juicy texture very pleasant to taste. The citrus flavor is delicious and exhilarating. Though YUZU was planted more than 1500 years ago in Japan, its gently sour and bitter citrus taste is perfect for modern Japanese sweets.

Our YUZU are grown in the Kawane area in Hiroshima Prefecture, located in western Japan. This area is very famous for its YUZU citrus growing. The YUZU harvested in this area are very plump and less sour. Each YUZU is carefully selected and picked by hand to ensure there are no black spots on the peels or other damage. The entire process is done by hand with a great deal of time and care. Parboiled YUZU peels are soaked in syrup. After soaking for a specified time, the peels are dried and coated in sugar.

It seems that YUZU citrus peels would be rather bitter and hard to chew, but our YUZU are grown in a very severe climate with an especially harsh winter, which makes them gentle and less bitter and sour. The natural and delicate sweetness expands in your mouth, and the very soft and plump texture is a joy to eat. Agricultural chemicals are not used on the YUZU, so the peels are safe and healthy to eat.

YUZU peels, focusing on ingredients and the manufacturing process provide a truly supreme taste. The gentle sweet, bitter and sour flavors of the YUZU peels enhance the taste of green tea. Its unique texture and well balanced flavor will enrich your green moment. We are certain that you will love the unique texture and premium flavor of YUZU peel glace.

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: sugar, YUZU peel,
Net Weight: 90g (3.17oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 2 months from production date
*This item is manufactured in a facility that produces other snacks which contain egg, milk and soy beans.

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