CUBIC ANNOU IMO (Japanese sweet potato glace)

This is limited edition only available in autumn season.

Interior Content: Diced pieces of 100g (3.52oz)

We Hibiki-an introduce Japanese style modern confections that pair perfectly with Japanese tea. Here, we offer sweet potato glace. Fruit is usually used to make glace in western countries, but in Japan, traditional glace is made with beans. In contrast, for this confection, Japanese sweet potato of ANNOU IMO breed is selected and prepared by traditional methods. Typically glace is too sugary, but our sweet potato glace has just a light sweetness, and you can taste the natural sweetness of the ANNOU IMO potato, so that it is possible to enjoy its sophisticated taste and rich flavor. The combination of original sweetness of the potato and unique texture are very pleasant. The light and dry texture stimulates our appetite. The sweet potato is cut into small cubes which are very cute, and the perfect size to eat.

ANNOU IMO breed sweet potato is a premium variety, native only to Japan, and known as the noble and outstanding potato of Japan. The ANNOU IMO is harvested on Tanegashima island, Kagoshima Prefecture in the southern part of Japan. Kagoshima Prefecture is very famous for ANNOU IMO. Especially, Tanegashima island is one of the best places to grow sweet potatoes, as this area is very suitable for potato farming in terms of soil and geography. Clayish earth has many nutrients, and the farming fields are very close to the coast, so that abundant minerals are included in the soil. These factors make ANNOU IMO uniquely rich and flavorful.

Although glace confections are soaked in sugar syrup, and they can be rather sweet, our ANNOU IMO potato glace is not sweetened too much. That is because the traditional preparation method brings out its natural flavor, taste and texture.

The noble and unique sweetness of ANNOU IMO glace pairs perfectly with Japanese loose leaf tea and Matcha. Seldom available outside Japan, we are certain that this confection will enrich your green moment.

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: Japanese sweet potato, sugar
Net Weight: 100g (3.52oz)
Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture
Best Before: 3 months from production date

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