T - Free (Twin Cap Bottle, 500ml)

Twin Cap Bottle
500ml (17.59 fl oz), diameter: 2.75 inches (7 cm), height: 8.66 inches (22 cm)

We Hibiki-an introduce innovative and convenient bottle: twin cap canteen with strainer. This tumbler makes it possible to extract genuine Japanese green tea without a Kyusu tea pot. Stylish and compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere, such as in your bag, so you can enjoy drinking your favorite fresh green tea anywhere, anytime, freely.

This bottle is made of BPA-free PET plastic, which is high heat resistant, impact resistant and long durability. Removable stainless steel strainer is strong against rust, and odor resistant. Twin cap design makes this bottle easy to wash and avoids the bitter taste of over-brewed tea. After the tea is finished brewing, simply turn the bottle upside down, so the tea leaves do not make contact with the water.

Light weight makes it possible to bring with you easily and freely. The tumbler has heat resistance, and its resistant temperature is about 230 Fahrenheit (110 Celsius). You can use this bottle with hot or cold water.

Silicone grip enhances its well-designed form but also makes it easy to carry.





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1.Put tea leaves into the strainer, and close the cap.
2.Turn the bottle upside down, and pour in hot water. (For Iced Tea: Pour cool water and place in refrigerator for 3 to 6 hours)
3.In order to avoid flavor and taste deterioration due to too long extraction time, please turn the bottle upside down so the tea leaves do not make contact with the water.
4.Keep lids closed while carrying in order to avoid spills.


Body: PET plastic (BPA free)
Grip / Gasket: Silicone
Strainer: Stainless steel

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