KUZUMOCHI (traditional jelly)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Interior Content: 4 pieces

KUZUMOCHI traditional jelly is one of the most popular and classic confections in Japan along with OHIGASHI candy and OKAKI rice cracker. You will be pleased with the premium harmony of unique texture of KUZUMOCHI jelly, nutty aroma of KINAKO powder, and subtle sweetness of KUROMITSU syrup.

KUZUMOCHI jelly has been traditionally made from KUZU devil's tongue, which was known as natural medicine and is now quite precious. The unique texture similar to western jelly has been appreciated for some generations through the ages. We use KUZU devil's tongue grown in Yoshino region in Nara prefecture which is known throughout Japan as the best quality.

KINAKO powder is made from soybeans. Roasted soybeans are ground into powder. KUROMITSU syrup is made from unrefined sugar. Nutty aroma of KINAKO powder and subtle unique sweetness of KUROMITSU syrup are essential for traditional Japanese confectionery. Please baste them onto the KUZUMOCHI just before eating.

In the summer season, it will intensify the flavor by cooling KUZUMOCHI jelly in the refrigerator for a short time just before eating. Would you try the premium combination of the unique texture of Japanese traditional jelly and the subtle unique flavor of KINAKO and KUROMITSU?




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Starch syrup, sugar, KUZU devil's tongue, thickener, modified starch
KINAKO: Soybeans, sugar, salt
KURO MITSU syrup: Starch syrup, sugar, unrefined sugar, caramel color

Interior Content: 4 pieces
KUZUMOCHI jelly: 1.38inch (3.5cm) x 1.57inch (4cm) x 1inch (2.5cm) each

Storage Instructions

Storage: Keep away from light, heat, and moisture, at room temperature. Once the package is open, consume within a few hours.
Best Before: 4 months from production date


If you prefer, would you cool in refrigerator for a short time just before eating?
Please cut bottom of KUZUMOCHI package by scissors and place on saucer. At that time, a little water can possibly leak from the package.
Then baste the KINAKO powder and KUROMITSU syrup over the KUZUMOCHI as toppings.

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