Houjicha (Bancha) (200g/7.05oz)

(Would you like Iced Tea? If so, This item is also suitable for Iced Houjicha. You can see "Iced Tea Recipes" by clicking here.)

Houjicha, also called Bancha, is made by roasting Sencha tea leaves over high heat. It is a brown tea with a toasted nutty flavor. Therefore, it is also easy for to try Japanese tea for the first time.
The first three processing steps of Houjicha tea leaves are the same as for Sencha: 1) Steaming, 2) Drying and Crumpling, and 3) Shaping. But to make Houjicha, the tea goes through one special additional step: 4) Roasting. (For roasting process of Houjicha, click here.)

Like Sencha, tea leaves for Houjicha are grown with fully-flooded sunlight, so that Houjicha contains beneficial Catechin. And since Houjicha is pan-roasted, it is very low in caffeine. In Japan, Houjicha is commonly given to babies and people who are sick because it is both nourishing and low in caffeine. Besides, Houjicha is perfect for iced tea. It will cool you on a sizzling hot day.

The flavor is very smooth and the aroma lingers nicely for a while.
It is said that Houjicha grown specifically in Ujitawara, where Hibiki-an is located, has a particularly delightful aroma, even when compared with other Houjicha grown in the Kyoto region of Japan. (For more information, click here.)

Also This Houjicha is a good affordable everyday tea, and tea farmers drink large quantities of it every day. Houjicha is a source of health for farmers, and Japanese farmers are well-known for their good health.




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Features of This Tea

Mellow Aroma
Refreshing Aroma
Roasted Aroma

Important Factors for Houjicha

Houjicha flavor depends on two important factors: geographic features of the tea farm location, and freshness.
It is said that tea farms which have specific geographic features for growing the highest grade Sencha can also grow tea leaves for excellent Houjicha. The tea farm should be located in mountain ravines, with mineral-rich soil. The misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights create the excellent flavor of Houjicha. All of our Houjicha is grown only at tea farms suitable for highest grade Sencha in the Uji region.
Freshness is also most important for Houjicha. The excellent roasted aroma diminishes with time. Houjicha usually keeps in good condition for a year or more if preserved appropriately. However, the best excellent roasted aroma of Houjicha can be enjoyed within a few months after roasting. We are constantly roasting new batches of Houjicha so that we can ship all our Houjicha teas within two weeks of the time it is roasted. With our Houjicha, you can experience the full flavor of freshly roasted tea leaves.

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