New Year's Tea

Golden Celebration Gyokuro (40g/1.41oz)

The combination of green tea with gold flakes makes a beautiful presentation. Gold is an ancient symbol of prosperity and welfare, and adds significance to any special occasion.

Our Golden Celebration Gyokuro also makes a perfect gift. In Japan people enjoy Golden Celebration Gyokuro on New Year's Day as part of a long-standing tradition. The tea is consumed while praying for the welfare of the household, and appreciating the good fortune of the previous year. It is a special moment, full of happiness and hope for the future.

Three packages of gold flakes are attached separately to this item. Please sprinkle the gold flakes over each cup of tea after brewing. The smooth flavor of Gyokuro creates a peaceful atmosphere, and the lovely glimmering gold flakes as they float on the surface of the tea delights and occupies the mind.

We hope you enjoy the beauty and flavor of this special blend of gold and our finest Gyokuro tea leaves.




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Features of This Tea

Mellow Aroma
Refreshing Aroma
Roasted Aroma
  • 'Gokoh' Breed
  • Shaded from sunlight by the way of 'Tana'


Please sprinkle the gold flakes over each cup of tea, or add them to the teapot after removing the strainer. Swirl the pot slightly before pouring to ensure that each cup contains gold.

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