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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I was using the Tatami Coasters for awhile and they were meeting my needs perfectly fine but I decided to add these to a recent order because they are different from the Tatami, plus my Tatami were looking a bit worn. I really liked the pictures shown on the site and these are even more lovely in person. They really do act as a nice frame for your yunomi, multi-cup, or Matcha bowl.
The material and pattern are elegant, it reminds me of brocade, but not overly-done. I think these are beautiful for any Season. I really like how the colors are a bit reflective, but just ever so slightly. I can see this when the Sun rises and hits the table I have 2 of these placed on. I often will layer 1 of these over a Tatami Coaster to be sure everything stays completely dry but I have found these work very well on their own just like the Tatami, they seem to be water resistant.
They are not just a piece of fabric under your cup. Mine are very well made and feel quite sturdy, plus they stay very flat and neat looking. Using these will make people know you are serious about your Tea and Tea-Ware! If you have a nice Matcha Bowl sitting on display people will stop to admire and respect the Art & History and know to be careful around these things!
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Date September 20, 2013

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