KOTEMARI (handcrafted container; capacity 40g)

height: 2.95inch (7.5cm), diameter: 3.15inch (8cm), capacity: 40g tea leaves
also suitable for NATSUME Matcha container
Traditional Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft

Chazutsu is specially designed to keep your green tea fresh.

Yamanaka Nuri is well known for high quality lacquer ware. Yamanaka is located in Ishikawa Prefecture and faces the Sea of Japan. It is about 200km (124miles) from Kyoto, which had been the MIYAKO capital of Japan for over a thousand years. There are many sophisticated works in Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft.

This lacquered wood container is crafted following Japanese tradition. The wood is from the Japanese Zelkova tree, known in Japan as KEYAKI. Japanese artisans use KEYAKI for traditional wooden lacquer because the wood is strong and the grain is quite beautiful. It is the ideal surface on which to apply traditional Japanese lacquer. This Chazutsu is designed quite simply to maximize the beauty of the wood grain.

With traditional Japanese wooden lacquer, it is especially difficult to fit the body and lid so closely. It requires enormous effort and technique. The wood is carefully dried for several years to ensure that it is completely dry. When the artisan carves the wood, the expansion and contraction by wood grain are factored into the calculation.

This Chazutsu is coated with lacquer four times. Lacquer craft gains the deepness of color and shine and increases in intensity with each new layer or coat of lacquer. This Chazutsu is made from only natural wood and lacquer material grown in the local area and crafted by traditional techniques passed down for many generations.

The name of this Chazutsu refers to a small ball. TEMARI means ball, and KO means small in Japanese. It is said that it is very difficult even for the veteran craftsman to form wood into a spherical shape. Besides, body, lid, and inner lid, also must fit into the spherical shape. It requires fine-drawn and accurate techniques. This Chazutsu is very beautiful and spreads gracefulness around, so this is also suitable for display in your home or office.

This CHAZUTSU is very beautiful and spreads gracefulness around, so this is also suitable for display in your home or office.

The capacity is 30 to 40g for loose leaf tea. This is also suitable for NATSUME Matcha container.
Specially packaged in a special carton box.
Made in Japan.
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(Please note that the red lacquer color is possibly a little different on each piece. Traditional Japanese red lacquer hardens and sets over 6 to 12 months after its crafted and increases in brightness from darker red until that time. Above pictures are of one about 12 months after it was crafted.)




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- If you feel uncomfortable with the smell of new lacquer ware before use, leave it in an airy room for a few days. The lacquer smell will disappear.
- Never soak lacquer ware in water for a long time.
- Never leave lacquer ware in direct sunlight or high humidity, to avoid the risk of transformation, discoloration and mold.
- If you find an oily spot or fingerprint on your product, wipe with a soft cloth or paper carefully.
- Never use scrubbing brushes, scouring powders or a dish washing machine.

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