Tea Scoop MOMO KAWA (Sami)

length: 2.95in (7.5cm)

Our Tea Scoop is very useful for measuring tea leaves from Chazutsu or other tea container and when placing tea leaves into the Kyusu teapot. It also brings a traditional Japanese atmosphere to tea time. Sami means Tea Scoop in Japanese.

The capacity is 3g or more of tea leaves, which is a little more than 1/2 tablespoon. We think that the tablespoon is most convenient to measure tea leaves because the capacity is almost the same all around the world. All of our brewing instructions are based on tablespoons to measure tea leaves. We recommend you check the capacity before using Sami.

The surface of this Tea Scoop is covered with peach tree bark. This style using bark of a peach tree is one of the Japanese traditional crafts. MOMO KAWA means peach tree bark in Japanese.

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