STRIPE - Green (handcrafted Multi-cup: 200ml)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Handcrafted Multi-cup: 200ml (7.04fl oz), diameter: 3.54inches (9.0cm) height: 3.93inches (10.0cm)
Sophisticated Kyo Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Hokusai Yamamoto at Hokusai Kiln

This modern style multi-cups is decorated with stripe patterns in different colors. The green STRIPE cup is decorated with fine red color and thick green color stripes. Each stripe pattern is decorated in a simple and even manner. This multi-cup looks modern rather than traditional, but this design is actually a Japanese traditional auspicious motif. When you hold this piece in your hands and take a closer look, you will discover the elaborate sophistication of this Kyo-Yaki ceramic.

The stripe design on these cups is called KOMA SUJI in Japanese. KOMA means a toy top, and SUJI means line in Japanese. KOMA is a traditional toy, played with during the New Year holiday celebration in Japan, and is said to be an auspicious item. Adding to that, each SUJI line is continuously circled around the multi-cup, and this everlasting stripe design without end traditionally indicates lasting peace, hope for the future, and prosperity of descendants for a long time. This design looks simple and modern, and yet it has profound significance.

The line decoration is also one of the focal points on this multi-cup. Each line is painted by hand. Two golden lines are circled inside the cup, adding to the graceful atmosphere. Fine red lines give a sharp atmosphere, and thick transparent green lines create a warm atmosphere which derives from being painted by hand. Not only vivid colors but also silver transparent glaze is painted between each line by hand. This glaze reflects the light faintly, and adds a bright atmosphere. Each line is decorated by hand elaborately, and various horizontal lines are well harmonized.

The form of each Yunomi is flared open toward the rim. Sturdy form on the bottom gives an impression of strength, but curved line toward the rim reminds us of geniality.

The fusion between modern shape and color, and traditional pattern of KOMA SUJI are in perfect balance on this earthenware multi-cup. This multi-cup is suitable not only to enjoy the subtle flavor of high quality Japanese tea, but also to enjoy various dishes and drinks, such as glassware for stick-cut vegetables, beer, wine, Japanese SAKE and so on. It completely depends on you, and you are limited only by your imagination!

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
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Hokusai Yamamoto

Hokusai Yamamoto was born in Kyoto in 1978. After graduation from the pottery and porcelain department of a technical high school in 1997, he worked under Luc De Boeck from Belgium for 3 years. He opened his own pottery in 2000. His design is very soft and warm, and its decoration is well matched to the earthenware which he makes.

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