ITOMAKI Chazutsu - Silver (handcrafted container)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

Handcrafted container, diameter: 2.95inch (7.5cm), height: 3.35inch (8.5cm), capacity: 80g tea leaves
Traditional KUMIHIMO craft

Chazutsu is a container specially designed to keep your green tea fresh.
This container is covered with natural silk yarn, which has a very soft texture. This silk yarn, which is called KUMIHIMO is one of the traditional Japanese crafts, and is used in the decoration of Japanese swords, webbing strap of Kimono, tea ware, and so on. With the advent of industrial modernization, KUMIHIMO was used less and less, and is now rather difficult to find, but KUMIHIMO is treasured by art collectors in Japan and around the world. KUMIHIMO is weaved delicately, so that it gives a graceful impression. KUMIHIMO is woven from more than 50 strands of silk yarn, so that it has high strength. Traditionally, KUMIHIMO was knitted by hand and took about one hour to make 10cm; it is gorgeous yet complicated to create.

Shoen Kumihimo is the company which makes KUMIHIMO container. This company was founded in 1948 in Kyoto, and dealt with KUMIHIMO to make KIMONO accessories. The company is known for its knowledge and great technical strength.

Introduction of machines made possible the modern production of KUMIHIMO. The KUMIHIMO used for these containers is woven by machine. Then KUMIHIMO is carefully wound around each container by hand and the artisan can make at most two containers per hour. KUMIHIMO is twined around the can without a break. You can touch and see how elaborate the container is. Adding to that, this delicate process not only makes container shiny but also very pleasant to touch.

Silk color is also one of the beautiful aspects of this. In order to make vivid color, it takes about two days for the dyeing process. The artisans closely watch the silk over these two days to ensure that the silk is dyed well every time to create the Japanese traditional color. Traditionally, silver color is used as the decoration of gifts, patterns of Kimono, hairpin, and so forth to increase and emphasize its beautiful objects or clothes. Twined and soft texture of silk is dyed in divine silver color. Tea container covered with brilliant color looks as if it wears Japanese traditional noble dress.

Craftsman makes KUMIHIMO Chazutsu with traditional technique and a great deal of time and effort. Kumihimo container is very sophisticated tea ware. We are certain that you will not only enjoy drinking our Japanese tea but also having fun with the process of serving Japanese tea.

The capacity is 80g for loose leaf tea.
Specially packaged in a carton box.
Made in Japan.
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- KUMIHIMO container will improve with use, but since silk yarn is very delicate, please keep away from heat, sunlight and water, otherwise the color may fade.
- If silk gets dirty, please soak cloth with neutral detergent and gently wipe. However, silk is weak to water, thus the color may fade.

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