KARINTOH (traditional snack)

This is limited edition only available in late winter and spring season.

Interior Content: 2 flavors of 50g (1.76oz) each

We have prepared two unique flavors of KARINTOH. KARINTOH is a sweet and deep-fried Japanese traditional snack. Usually, wheat flour is kneaded with water and fried and coated with KOKUTOH brown sugar. It is said that this snack was introduced 1300 years ago in Japan, and people living in the Imperial Court enjoyed having it as high-class confectionary at that time.

We Hibiki-an paired two types of KARINTOH series. One is KOKUTOH brown cane sugar, which is the most traditional flavor, and another is ginger flavor. Its treacle covers a bar-shaped fried wheat flour. You are sure to love its full, rich taste and refined sweetness of dark molasses. Not only the flavor is unique, but also its texture is different from ordinary fried confectionary. Deep fried flour produces crispy flavor and texture on the outside, and fluffy yet tender-crispy texture on the inside.
Flavor of ginger KARINTOH is different type from KOKUTOH brown cane sugar, but the spice of ginger adds the accent on KARINTOH. Its flavor is not too strong and pleasant finish, and does not prevent crispy texture. The different flavor and texture from KOKUTOH, the contrast between them is truly enjoyable.

You may imagine that KARINTOH is oily, because they are fried with oil. However, our KARINTOHH is fried with rice bran oil which has more plant sterol than any other plant oil. This ingredient discharges cholesterol which is good for health. This oil also has an antioxidant effect which lowers reactive oxygen in your body. Not only rice bran oil is good for our health but also has an effect to make KARINTOH crispy.

We are certain that you will be pleased to have our premium KARINTOH with our Japanese tea.

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Ingredients and Storage Instructions

Ingredients: KOKUTOH (wheat flour, brown cane sugar, starch syrup, honey, white sesame), Ginger (wheat flour, sugar, starch syrup, ginger powder, salt)
Net Weight: 50g (1.76oz) x 2
Best Before: 3 months from produced date
Storage: Keep away from heat, light, and moisture.
*This item is manufactured in a facility that produces other snacks which contain milk, buckwheat, and peanuts.


Though packaged very carefully, it is possible for KARINTOH to break because it is fragile. We can't accept reshipping or return request due to breakage.

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