Matcha Container (capacity 40g)

diameter: 2.36inch (6.0cm), height: 2.76inch (7.0cm), capacity: 40g Matcha

This small, steel container is the same type as the pull-top can in which our Matcha Super Premium, Premium and Organic is packaged. This container is ideal for keeping Matcha both for daily use and for relatively long-term storage because of the screw-type lid with a rubber seal.

If you already have the pull top can, or if you purchase our Refill packaged Matcha, and would like another container or a replacement, this Matcha Container is suitable. Or, if you always purchase our Matcha Superior or House Matcha, and would like a container to store the Matcha, this is also very convenient.

Made from steel with a rubber seal lid.
Made in Japan.
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