Organic Matcha (40g/1.41oz in canister)

Our Organic Matcha is certified organic by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan, and is grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals or pesticides.

In Japan, we say "Daichi tono Kakutoh" to describe traditional organic farming. "Daichi tono Kakutoh" means that it takes a lot of time and great effort to grow organic green tea. There are only a few farmers that produce organic green tea in a small part of Kyoto. (For more information, click here.)

Although Japanese green tea is harvested two to four times through the year, we can realistically harvest high quality organic tea only once a year due to lack of nutrition caused by limited use of fertilizers. Other tea companies harvest organic Japanese green tea two to four times per year, so their taste and aroma are not excellent. We at Hibiki-an harvest our organic tea only once per year. Like all our teas, our Organic Matcha is Ichibancha, the first tea harvest of the year.

It is said that high quality Organic Matcha is one of the most difficult teas to produce. Generally, it is said that high grade and quality Matcha needs much fertilizer, however organic fertilizer works slowly. In contrast chemical fertilizer works quickly and efficiently in about a month and organic fertilizer works slowly for 3 to 9 months. Our Organic Matcha continues to impress all those who try it with a smooth and mellow flavor, and lack of bitterness, the sign of high quality Matcha.

Please enjoy the simple and traditional but smooth and mellow taste of our Organic Matcha.




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Features of This Tea

Noble Aroma
Refreshing Aroma
Mellow Taste
  • Shaded from sunlight by the way of 'Tana'


Matcha, or powdered green tea, has a wonderful aroma, silky froth, and rich, mellow taste. High quality Matcha such as ours, is not bitter but smooth and mellow. As one moves up the scale toward the top grade of Matcha, the color becomes a more vivid green and the flavor becomes even more noble, smooth and mellow.
Matcha is made from new tea leaves that have been carefully grown in the shade for 20 to 30 days before they are harvested, steamed and dried. Much Theanine, which is the source of its sweet mellow taste and noble aroma, is created in tea leaves by shaded from sunlight.
The dried leaves are then ground with a traditional stone mortar and pestle, called a Hikiusu.
Unlike tea leaves, where one drinks an infusion made from the leaves, Matcha is consumed in its entirety, so you can directly ingest the whole beneficial constituents of Matcha.
(Benefits of Matcha)

Tea Ware Not Included

This item does not contain any tea ware (Matcha Bowl, Bamboo Whisk, Matcha Spoon, etc.). If you are looking for tea ware items, please visit our "Matcha Bowls / Accessories" category.

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