Genmaicha (200g/7.05oz)

Genmaicha is a mellow blend of roasted and puffed brown rice grains and Sencha that has been well-loved by green tea fans in Japan for centuries.

Our Genmaicha is a wonderful blend of Sencha and puffed brown. Due to the rice, this tea has the rich and hearty flavor of roasted grains or coffee but the freshness Sencha. It is very well balanced and flavored.

In many cases Genmaicha is made from a mix of puffed rice and low grade Sencha, low grade Nibancha (tea from the second harvest of the year) or Sanbancha (tea from the third harvest of the year). Our Genmaicha is made from only Ichibancha (tea from the first harvest of the year) and is available at a reasonable price. So we are certain that its taste and aroma is much more flavorful and smooth than any other Genmaicha. If you are a Genmaicha lover, try our Genmaicha once! We are certain you will be pleasantly surprised!




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Features of This Tea

Mellow Aroma
Refreshing Aroma
Roasted Aroma

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161 04/16/2016
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484 03/03/2016
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1275 08/30/2015
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1471 05/26/2015
05. Markus Pache Australia
1770 11/22/2014
06. Ira Gardner-Smith India
2662 05/23/2013
07. jonathan Parkes United Kingdom
2755 04/13/2013
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2859 12/28/2012
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2889 12/08/2012
10. Sarah Longo United States
2923 10/01/2012

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