AKAJI SAME KOMON Coaster Value Set (6 Coasters)

size: 3.94inch(10cm) x 3.94inch(10cm)

This is a value set of 6 SAME KOMON coasters. With this set, you receive a special value: 6 coasters for the price of 4!

This set of coasters is made from Japanese traditional pattern fabric. The traditional Japanese pattern is called SAME KOMON. SAME KOMON pattern fabric was used for Kami Shimo, a type of Kimono which was formal wear of Samurai warrior in Edo period during the 17th to 19th century.

AKAJI means red color fabric in Japanese. AKAJI SAME KOMON Kami Shimo, which is very rare, is put on by women when they perform a Shinto religious ceremony. AKAJI SAME KOMON Coasters also match well with blue color SAME KOMON Coasters. Would you pair them?

These Japanese traditional pattern coasters match beautifully with all of our tea ware.

Made in Japan.
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