size: 3.94inch(10cm) x 3.94inch(10cm)
Japanese traditional premium silk fabric

This set of two coasters is made from high grade Japanese traditional fabric. The premium fabric is called Hyohsoh, which is usually used for scroll paintings, folding screens, or Fusuma doors. Hyohsoh fabric evolved together with the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Hyohsoh fabric in Japan can be compared with the concept of a framed painting in Western culture. High quality Hyohsoh fabric is required for any high value drawing or calligraphy drawn on scroll paintings, folding screens, or Fusuma doors—just as a high value painting requires a high quality canvas and frame.

The name of these coasters, KIKUBISHI RYU is a combination of motifs of the most auspicious omens. KIKU is the national flower of Japan, chrysanthemum in Japanese. And BISHI is argyle. RYU means dragon, which symbolizes advancement. In a story of traditional Japanese lore, a carp goes back upstream and transforms spectacularly into a dragon, the epitome of advancement. In Japan when a boy is born, KOIMNOBORI flying carp flag is raised every May, in hope of success or advancement of the boy in the future. KINRAN means Hyohsoh fabric.

Along with using for tea time, this style of coaster is traditionally used for displaying ceramics in a tea room, for example, placed under a Matcha Bowl on display. These coasters create a high-toned and dignified atmosphere of refined beauty.

Made in Japan.
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