SHINOGI Yunomi (handcrafted Teacup: pair)

This is limited edition only available in autumn and winter season.

Handcrafted teacup: 130ml (4.58fl oz) each, diameter: 2.95inch (7.5cm), height: 3.35inch (8.5cm)
Sophisticated Tanba-Yaki Earthenware
Made by Yasunobu Ohsugi at Kanshin kiln

This pair of earthenware tea cups are representative of the work of Mr. Ohsugi. This has quite gentle and tender atmosphere. Visual impression, hand and mouth feel, and so on are mysteriously quite gentle and tender, though the form of each part, such as the scraped patterns or discoloration of ceramic ware, are dynamic and vivid. The discoloration of earthenware is maximally brought out. The artisan, Ohsugi is one of the young up and coming artisans that have attracted much attention in Japan.

You will be fascinated by the vertical patterns scraped away. SHINOGI of this name means scraping away in Japanese. The rough and uneven patterns bring a unique atmosphere of Ohsugi’s work. Ohsugi says that he prefers the inhomogeneous to the uniform, as each pattern has character. His goal is to bring out the infinite possibility of clay.

In contrast to SHINOGI which is scraped away vigorously, the form of top, side of middle to base, and base are delicately and elegantly shaped. Around the middle is just a little narrowed down, which helps with easy holding and has a pleasing appearance. The area from the middle to the base is elegant, and the base is designed a bit larger and higher than usual. However, harmony and balance, which are superb and fine, create an elegant atmosphere.

And you can enjoy the artistic elements created in the kiln which can’t be fully controlled even by the artisans. Colorful patches of orange on the inside of the Yunomi are called GOHONDE, a traditional technique. Small black or gray color dots are created by burst iron. Transparent green color on the inside of the Yunomi is BEEDORO reduction firing of ash glaze. These elements add warmth to the atmosphere of the work.

This Yunomi will bring a gentle and tender atmosphere to your table. It is a special atmosphere which is representative of the work of the artist Mr. Ohsugi.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
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(Please note that each piece is unique due to the techniques employed by the artisan. There are natural variations in each piece.)




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- It is best to wash this item using only tepid water or mild chlorine-free dish washing detergent.
- If necessary, you may occasionally use a chlorine detergent. In that case, after using the chlorine detergent, we recommend you boil this item in water to remove the chlorine smell.
- Do not sterilize by boiling, or in a dish washing machine.

Yasunobu Ohsugi

He was born in 1977. He started to work under famous Bizen-Yaki artisan, Satoru Masanume. And he worked under famous Iga-Yaki artisan, Masatake Fukumoro from 1999 for 7 years. He opened his own kiln, Kanshin Kiln in 2006.
His works which are all gentle and tender, and his bold and vivid work style are highly appreciated and command attention in Japanese pottery and porcelain industries.
Ohsugi always keeps his mind to bring out the infinite possibility of clay. He said that he would like to create common-use works more than expensive artistic works, and that he would like to set prices reasonable as possible in order for many people to enjoy his art.

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