Glass Teapot (450ml)

Dimensions: 450ml (15.84fl oz). Height: 4.13inch (10.5cm) Diameter: 4.73inch (12cm)

This teapot is made from heat resistant glass with a useful, modern, and universal design.

The fine stainless steel mesh filter is removable and large in diameter, so that tea leaves have space to open fully and bring out their best flavor. The wide opening of the mouth allows for the teapot to easily be cleaned and to remove the used tea leaves.

This teapot is appropriate for both preparing iced tea and brewing hot tea. It is suitable not only for Japanese tea but for any kind of tea.

If you prepare iced tea and bring this teapot to the table, it will create a cool atmosphere. Filled with hot tea, this teapot looks quite sophisticated. It is a versatile teapot, and will accommodate most tea occasions.

Made from heat resistant, lead-free glass
Removable stainless steel filter
Made in Japan
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(You can see "Iced Tea Recipes" by clicking here.)




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