Matcha Sifter

diameter; 2.95inch (7.5cm), height; 3.23inch (8.2cm)

If you do not sift matcha in advance, it tends to get lumpy either when you drink the matcha or when you make matcha sweets. The taste of lumpy matcha is not good at all, so sifting is an essential process. This item is perfect to sift matcha.
This Matcha Sifter is a suitable size to sift Matcha for tea drinking or making Matcha sweets. Since the capacity of the sifter is quite large, it is convenient to sift not only for a single serving of Matcha but also for multiple servings. This item also makes it possible to keep and store sifted Matcha for several days or up to a few weeks.

How to sift matcha:
1. Put matcha on the mesh.
2. Press down the matcha with the included spatula.
3. Open the mesh and remove the matcha from the can.
4. If you wish, you may store the sifted matcha in the can for some days.
* We recommend not to wash the sifter because it may become rusty.

Made in Japan.
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