Customer AppreciationCustomer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

[Now Available!] In appreciation of our valued customers for their continuous support of Hibiki-an, Matcha Karigane Pinnacle will be included FREE with all orders for the first 3,200 customers.

Dear Sir or Madam,

As we celebrate the ninth anniversary of Hibiki-an this July, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their continuous support of Hibiki-an. We deeply appreciate your understanding regarding the value and the quality of our teas and services.

Special Gift - Matcha Karigane Pinnacle:

We would like to send you a small gift, Matcha Karigane Pinnacle as a token of our gratitude. We will include Matcha Karigane Pinnacle in the order of the first 3,200 customers who place an order at our store after June 29th.
Matcha Karigane has a unique noble flavor because it is made from the veins and stems of Tencha, which is used to make Matcha. (more info; click here)
We would like to continue to increase genuine Japanese tea culture throughout the world. It is our sincere wish that it will help to enrich everyone's green moment around the world.
If you have any requests or questions regarding our teas or services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Very best wishes,

Atsushi Yasui

Matcha Karigane Pinnacle

We would like to send you a small gift, Matcha Karigane Pinnacle as a token of our gratitude.

Matcha Karigane has a unique noble flavor because it is made from the veins and stems of Tencha, which is used to make Matcha. However, even in Japan, Matcha Karigane is difficult to find, because procuring the veins and stems of Tencha and then creating the Matcha Karigane can be a complicated process. Therefore its noble flavor is not well-known even in Japan. We carefully roasted the veins and stems of the Tencha in order to bring out its special noble flavor.

We have arranged Matcha Karigane Pinnacle only for this anniversary, and don't have a plan to sell it regularly. Would you please enjoy this unique noble flavor and roasted aroma?
(How to enjoy Matcha Karigane Pinnacle)
for two cups
- Tea leaves: 1.5 to 2 table spoons (8-10g)
- Water temperature: 176F (80C)
- Amount of water: 200cc
- Waiting time: 1 minute

Customer Reviews of Matcha Karigane Pinnacle

Thank you very much for the gift of Matcha Karigane tea. As it arrived the day before my birthday, it was an especially nice surprise. The tea was wonderful, with a well-developed and mellow flavor. I wish Hibiki-An a happy anniversary and many successful years, and I look forward to drinking your tea every day for many years.
--- Female, Florida, United States

Thank you so much for your gift! I am very very happy today since i received the Matcha Karigane Pinnacle this morning in the mail. I am enjoying your tea now and it is very delicious, somewhat different and new for me... Yes, I am enjoying your green tea (the best I tried by now), each and every day! Thank you once again and Happy anniversary :) Domo arigato,
--- Male, Serbia

Thank you very much for sending me the Matcha Karigane Pinncale gift. I have tried this exquisite tea and was beyond impressed. The texture was uniquely soft, sweet and soothing to the palate. I wish this type of tea was available for purchase, this is my favorite tea now. Thank you.
--- Male, Massachusetts, United States

I wish to thank you ever so much for the gift of a package of Matcha Karigane Pinnacle received today.
We continue to enjoy your high quality teas and wonderful service.
--- Male, Canada

Thank you so much for the packet of Matcha Karigane. I shared it with a house guest the other day and we loved it. Unusual and enjoyable. Thanks for remembering me and extending connection this way.
--- Male, Colorado, United States

First I wish to say thank you. my mom and i received the gift of the macha karigane pinnacle tea today and it was like nothing we have had before. we feel blessed that you have chosen to share this gift. we were wondering if this tea would be available for purchase? we thank you again for your kind gift
--- Male, Australia

Thank you so much for your lovely gift of Matcha Karigane Pinnacle, I have enjoyed a wonderful green moment after my dinner. I wish you all well at Hibiki-an and I am so glad that I found your Website to order your delicious green tea.
I visited Japan last September and tried green tea and was immediately hooked (as they say) on it. I must also say a big thank you for the excellent service that you provide when I order green tea from you ( I must say you are faster than English post). I have tried several of your matcha green tea's and must say I love them all and will continue to order from you in the future, as I know the tea is so good for me healthwise.
Thank you again for your gift of this noble tea I am truely grateful that you have shared your Anniversary with me Good Health and Prosperity to all at Hibiki-an.
All good wishes,
--- Female, United Kingdom

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