Gyokuro Karigane Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Amy Harris   (United States)
Review I am on the West Coast, but my tea friend, Karen, on the East Coast directed me to Hibiki-an more than a year ago. She finds the best purveyors and has exquisite taste in fine teas. I have been a Hibiki-an customer ever since my first order.

I am proud to be a returning customer to Hibiki-an. My most recent order included the Gyokuro Karigane Premium. Atsushi Yasui-san was kind and patient in assisting me with my order and recommended this tea to me. I am enjoying it thoroughly! Since I received my order just a few days ago, it has become an everyday tea for me.

As my dear tea friend, Karen, taught me, I brewed this Gyokuro Karigane Premium tea at a very low temperature (about 145F) in my Hibiki-an kyusu (a wonderful vessel for Japanese greens) for a little more than one minute. The wet stems and leaves are quite unusual; the stems glow a florescent green in the pot and contrast nicely with the very dark gyokuro leaves. My resultant brew has a tinge of blue in it; I have seen this color with gyokuros before. While I am able to achieve multiple infusions with this tea, my first cup of this tea is to my tastes always the best.

Hibiki-an is a solid vendor of fine Japanese teas and I look forward to future orders with them.
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Date August 26, 2009

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