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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review These cute and very inviting little treats are really very good! When I first tried them I knew I enjoyed them but was not sure if I'd re-order but I keep re-ordering them because they are so unique and I find myself sometimes wishing for just 1 of these crunchy treats!
Both flavors are great although different from eachother. I though I'd like the Matcha alot more than the other flavor but I found myself really loving the thicker, heartier crunch and nice flavor that lingers as well as the pleasing aroma of the Genmai flavor. The Matcha is super delicate thin wafer with a sweet Matcha crunch and the beautiful green of a high quality Matcha Tea powder.
These are great to give as a nice little gift to somebody that enjoys Tea or to have alone or with somebody else just to take your Tea Time up a few notches. It is nice to be able to have a few little extras to sit quietly, try out, and savor as you relax with your Tea and if you need a bit something extra to help your mood or enhance your Green Moment but do not want candy/sugar these are perfect.

I Love that HIBIKI-AN's Tea treats are very high quality and handmade using no artificial colors or GMO'S. I think those things are horrible and want nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, where I live they will try to hide the Facts about the ingredients but HIBIKI-AN does not and I'm very thankful for that and definitely that the makers of these are still willing to use traditional methods even if it takes longer or is more effort.
I must add that I was concerned about the dairy content of these, even if it is small or condensed, because I cannot have dairy or it will cause a skin allergy. But I decided to give these a try and I have not noticed anything bad after a few boxes. Usually I will wake up the next day if something is problematic and the allergy is showing but no problems with these so I can continue to enjoy them! I hope this helped someone if anyone else has dairy issues :)
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Date September 20, 2013

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