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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I just recieved my latest order today and after enjoying the 2012 Kuradashi Gyokuro Super Premium, I tried these and have realized that this snack, especially the Matcha version, pairs extremely well with the Autumn sweet and mellow Kurodashi Gyokuro and am glad I decided to try these. I have tried all the other snacks and sweets here and have NEVER been let down (I especially LOVE the KOKOTUH CONPIETOH...PLEASE sell it in a larger/seperate box soon...!)
My impression of the Matcha bean snack are that in general, it tastes very much like nuts. Because it is sweet, though, it may remind you of those honey-crunch coated type of nuts but I have never liked those because they are too sweet and seem artificial to me (at least the type sold where I live in the US.) The first one I popped in my mouth was crispier on the outside than I had assumed it would be so I let it dissolve and tasted a lightly sweetened Matcha blend that gradually gave way to a roasted flavor of the been that is tasty. I can only describe that the texture reminds me of roasted peanuts, not the dry-roasted kind, though, and these are mildly sweeter. The roasted aspect reminds me a bit of the Houjicha Karigane I drank last Summer from HIBIKI-AN, but it is not as strong- which I liked. If you immediately chew them they are crispy and seem to have a very thin, crisp "shell" but it is nothing like the "glazes" used on the majority of candies that is thick. These are not overbearing but just right in the center of sweet and savory flavoring and just a few will actually satisfy me as a snack, so they won't go too fast!
The Black Bean version are smaller and crispier and sweeter. These still taste roasted but in a different way and do not have the richness of Matcha coating. These seem more like a "candy" to me because they are sweeter and the center is not as large or crunchy like peanuts.
I think adding these was a great idea this Autumn because they really do go SO well with the Kuradashi Teas! If you want something that is sweet but never over the top, just naturally sweet, but also want to avoid a salty snack, try these! They are very different from anything I have ever eaten. They are also actually quite a satisfying thing to eat, you won't immediately be feeling hungry right after eating some of these!
I'm glad I tried them and am going to store the un-eaten portions in a ziplock bag so they stay fresh and then also in the lovely white and once again sturdy box they came in. It came decorated and tied around it with one red and one white lovely silky string. You have to cut open each bag so once opened, you'll need a ziplock to keep them fresh. I think they would also make a nice and unique gift, too. I also appreciate that these were made using premium quality ingredients without any fake colors, along with the beans being non-genetically modified! Thanks for the new additions, Hibiki-an!
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Date October 12, 2012

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