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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review WOW!!! These are SO DELICIOUS! I love these little cups of wonderful delight! I also really love the jelly bars, and the Ume/Plum are my most favorite so as soon as I saw these I knew I'd love them. I keep mine in the refrigerator all the time so they are always cold and refreshing.

PLEASE, HIBIKI-AN, don't limit selling them to just the Summer! Super pretty please!!

These are awesome! They taste so delicious, have a very nice light jelly texture, do not contain gelatin, and have a special extra treat of a little plum in them. I really love little fruit and jelly type cups similar to these but where I live they all always contain gelatin which is not only disgusting to think where it comes from so I refuse to eat it, but it also makes the texture a a really weird, thicker, and just gross texture. Also, these are vegetarian which is awesome since they are thickened without gelatin, and that is what I want and how I eat. If I am understanding the ingredients list correctly, they might just be totally vegan, which is even better! Either way, I am now addicted to these!!
Just a tip to those first trying these- when you peel off the plastic be very careful because there is a liquid that will spill right out and I was not used to or expecting this so a mess was made dripping down my hand and arm the first time, even the second time, you have to get the hang of it or open them over a small bowl or yunomi because this liquid is delicious so you shouldn't waste it. Also, you can just peel back the plastic a tiny bit and sip the liquid out before you open the cup completely and enjoy this wonderful treat. Be aware that the little plum has quite a large pit still in it when you decide to enjoy that super tasty extra!

These are so great in every way, I really need these year round! If you like the jelly bars, especially the Ume/Plum, you will love these! :)
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Date June 20, 2016

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