Organic Houjicha (200g/7.05oz) Reviews

Author Brent Reich   (United States)
Review Recently tried this tea.

I am a long time puer drinker, to understand my perspective. Have a fondness for tea with an "edge".

This tea was a pleasant surprise. The liquor is clear amber and the aroma honey sweet. There is no heaviness of smoke, though it is "roasted". The taste has no astringency at any point. There is a light but full bodied mouth feel and surprising sweet finish that lingers nicely. I appreciate the low caffeine content and enjoy this tea late in the day. It is actually soothing/calming,,,no jitters.

Overall quite a nice surprise and will be added to my cupboard for regular brewing.
This was brewed more puer style. One large tea scoop per cup with boiling water for 15 seconds(in porcelain no yixing). I did not use multiple brews however.

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Date February 18, 2008

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