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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review Gyokuro Karigane Premium is one of the few Teas that I have ordered more of with every single one of my orders placed here since finding this wonderful site about a month before the last harvest. I drink it daily, cold brewed in the Seasonal 1,000ml glass pitcher that was once available here and always have some prepared along with being sure to have a pack of it as back-up. I really love it! Awhile ago I began adding 1tsp sifted Matcha to the cold brewed Tea and loved the results.
Today I want to share something super simple but so nice to do if you love and drink Matcha like I do. I have been enjoying it since the weather has gotten colder. It's just a new take on how I add a tsp sifted into my cold brewed Gyokuro Karigane 1,000ml glass pitcher that I always have on hand in the refrigerator. The other day I decided to make what seemed to be a very small change in my prep of Matcha and I really did not think I would notice any difference, really. But, I noticed a very nice one and wanted to share because it really took my Matcha Moment up some notches and resulted in an extremely satisfying drink that is extra sweet, mellow, full-bodied, incredibly relaxing, and all around wonderful!
It's very easy: I substituted cold brewed Gyokuro Karigane (that had 1tsp Matcha added per 1,000ml water) for the water to prepare my Matcha. I heated the Karigane Tea just as I would my water, I thought using a lower/warm temp would be nice to keep all the mellow/sweet flavors present, and whisked that with my sifted Matcha. Wow! The foam created was extravagant and the bowl of Matcha was so buttery and creamy. Now, before bed, I have this and it's incredibly soothing and satisfying. It's very relaxing, I guess the Gyokuro Karigane gives it an extra Theanine boost (although I'm no chemist and do not know if heating the cold brewed Tea changes things like that) and it helps me feel warm and full- I cannot sleep if I feel even the tiniest bit hungry! -and I feel that when I wake up it helps in the body's rejuvenation, detoxifying, etc. If you have Karigane on hand why not try it, or substitute any Tea that you think will compliment the Matcha, it's a nice change and really adds a new dimension in flavor, feel, body, everything to your lovely Matcha Moment!
I also like to make ice-cubes from Gyokuro Karigane and use them in the same Tea to make it very cold and refreshing, or to add some different flavor aspects to other Teas by using the ice-cubes in them, using them in Tencha is really good. I really like to use these Tea Ice Cubes when I slow-brew my Tea in the kyusu: add your Tea Leaves, then fill the kyusu with the cubes and let them melt. I really enjoy doing that with my Sencha Teas, it adds a nice, mellow sweetness and a burst of relaxing Theanine.
It's True that I was a repeat customer since I first tried this Karigane months ago, it's great to have everyday and I will never be without it! I prefer the Premium Grade since it's more flavorful to start and stands up to alot of infusions that the Superior cannot. Thanks again, HIBIKI-AN!
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Date October 26, 2012

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