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Shincha (First tea of the year)

Now Pre-orders Taken
Shincha (First tea of the year)

The harvest of Shincha (the first tea of the year) is just around the corner! We, at Hibiki-an, started to accept pre-orders of Shincha.
We have been arranging four limited edition Shincha items and three regular Sencha items with especially enjoyable Shincha flavor for pre-order sales. We anticipate that each item will be shipped in order of precedence as soon as it is harvested...more

[Limited] Tale of Genji - Matcha Bowl (Spring and Summer)

Now Available
[Limited] Tale of Genji - Matcha Bowl (Spring and Summer)

We, Hibiki-an have collaborated with Zenshoh Yamaoka, who is the leading expert of paintings derived from masterpieces in the middle ages and acclaimed Kyo Yaki artisan, to release a series of Matcha bowls featuring the Tale of Genji. He selected 12 stories, one suitable for each month of the year, arranged by season. Since the setting of the story is the Imperial Palace, all drawings are quite gorgeous....more

Shincha News Flash!

Shincha News Flash!

We have been following the green tea sprouts from early spring when the tea trees put out their first new buds to the harvest of Shincha, the first tea of the year...more

[New & Limited] Matcha Bowls / Accessories (Spring and Summer)

[New & Limited] Matcha Bowls / Accessories Spring and Summer

We have arranged for 18 limited edition and 3 new tea ware items, which include Bowls and Accessories mainly from Kyo Yaki...more

[New & Limited] Yunomi and Accessories (Spring and Summer)

[New & Limited] Yunomi and  Accessories (Spring and Summer)

We have arranged for 20 limited edition and 6 new tea ware items which include Yunomi (teacups), Kyusu (teapot), and Tea Accessories...more


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