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Competition Grade Tea (Limited)

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Competition Grade Tea (Limited)

The feature of the flavor and aroma is unique only to teas contributed to the exclusive competition and quite different from usual tea.
Competition Teas usually have a full and generous flavor that is smooth, mellow, and deep, along with the fresh aroma of young sprouts. Competition grade teas outshine even the highest grade teas found in tea shops in Japan...more

Golden Celebration Tea

Golden Celebration Tea

The combination of green tea with gold flakes makes a beautiful presentation. Gold is an ancient symbol of prosperity, and adds significance to any special occasion.
In Japan people enjoy Golden Celebration tea on New Year's Day as part of a long-standing tradition. The tea is consumed while praying for the welfare of the household, and appreciating the good fortune of the previous year...more

What is Competition Grade Tea?

What is Competition Grade Tea?

Competition Grade Tea is available only at the National Tea Fair of Japan, attended by those within the Japanese green tea industry...more

Holiday Gift
(Celebration Gifts in Japan)

Holiday Gift <br>(Celebration Gifts in Japan)

In Japan, Japanese green tea is often presented as a gift to celebrate. We give the gift of green tea for a good health and a long life of friends, family, professional colleagues...more

Japanese Snacks / Candy
(Monthly Recommendation)

Japanese Snacks / Candy<br>(Monthly Recommendation)

Traditional Japanese Snacks / Candy pair beautifully with any kind of Japanese tea. Since 16th century Japan, they have been refined and improved...more


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