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Author Sarah Longo   (United States)
Review I really love these! I received them as part of my first order from HIBIKI-AN- The Organic Tea & Kyusu Set. Coasters of any type are not something I ever thought I would be writing any reviews about, not ever! But after owning these for nearly a year and using them basically all day nearly everyday that I can, I have to agree that these are really very special and quite important when it comes Time to enjoy my Tea.
They really do match very well with every style, shape, and colored yunomi I have used them with. It is great how they are sized to fit when also used with a larger multi-cup sized yunomi such as the HANAH-KIKOH Seasonal Flowers Series (these more elegantly painted cups are shown best when set upon these simple yet still traditionally lovely Tatami Weavings) as well as the each incredibly and uniquely beautiful, handmade, clay creations of one of my very favorite Artists, Mr. Tanii. His awesome SEKICHUKA and HYO SETU HAKU designs just look beautifully and perfectly natural when used together. I even discovered I can place my 2 coasters next to eachother and they will fit all 3 needed pieces of my Hohin Set (I only use Hohin alone, so I only need space for 1 yunomi, but there is definitely enough space for my 1!)
If I do not have these Tatami Coasters to use I really feel like something is missing! As I said before, mine have been through alot the past year. I am extremely surprised they have Truly held up! I honestly expected them to kinda just fall apart, or just simply wear out in one way or another but they still do not even have any snags, feathering, or signs of loosening, changing of original shape or warping or rolling! These are made exceptionally well!! I also love how they feel, they are really smooth to the touch and delightfully very silky. Another great thing is that they dry super fast! If I accidentally spill some Tea they do not just sit in a soggy mess! They seem to naturally be resistant to absorbing not only just liquid spills but also any colors/shades of the GREEN Tea you happen to be drinking. If I happen to spill more than a few drops, I simply pat them gently dry, sometimes wave them like a fan a few times and they are dry really quickly! If the spill is bigger, I really simply just turn them on their side against something to lean against, so both sides are exposed to the air, and they seem to be dried fully before I even realize it. Also, once dry they completely stay their original shape and are not deformed or "stretched about looking" which is shocking especially after all mine have been piut through! :D
Lastly, these coasters actually do their job: they keep your table dry from your cup!! Even if you have decided to enjoy something a bit different such as a Frozen or Very Cold Matcha Smoothie which will cause condensation to form and drip down your yunomi, these coasters are there doing their job! Too many coasters totally fail at this simple task and it is very annoying since that is the point of purchasing and even thinking about using coasters! This item was so surprising and they really are "Just Perfect" and indespensable to me now.
It is True, as noted by another Reviewer, that these things are not easy to find. Many stores carry "look-alikes and wannabe's" but Truly never the Real Thing. I highly appreciate that HIBIKI-AN included these in the Tea Set since I would not have purchased them seperately and gotten to realize exactly how wonderful they are.
Coasters are not impressive things to me but these Tatami Coasters I am quite amazed by in so many ways and definitely get plenty of use out of, instead of them just sitting there taking up space on my table as every other set of coasters I have ever seen in my own or other people's homes seem to only be doing. These are also so wonderful because they are not huge or clunky in any way! JUST SIMPLY PERFECT AT WHAT THEY WERE ORIGINALLY INTENDED FOR PLUS SO MUCH MORE!
I highly recommend these and plan on eventually purchasing more since I feel the value is quite great. If you often drink Tea and enjoy yours in lovely yunomi I think you should treat yourself to these simple but so wonderful little add-ons! :)
Yes, I just wrote quite a lengthy review praising a set of coasters which is hilarious to me but they REALLY ARE just THAT GREAT!!
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Date February 18, 2013

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