HANANAMI KARAKUSA - MURASAKI (handcrafted: 170ml)

This is limited edition only available in summer season.

Handcrafted Multi-cup: 170ml (5.98fl oz), diameter: 3.54inches (9.0cm) height: 3.34inches (8.5cm)
Sophisticated Kyo-Yaki (Kyoto Style)
Made by Shinji Takeuchi at Shuhoh Kiln

This multi-cup features a lively balance of traditional techniques and modern painting. The arabesque pattern, vivid colors of flowers, and unique form create a modern and casual atmosphere, while the traditional techniques evoke nostalgia. This multi-cup is suitable not only for green tea but also for serving coffee, whiskey, sake, and even ice cream, pretzels, and so on.

HANA means flower, and NAMI means wave in Japanese. KARAKUSA refers to the arabesque patterns. The arabesque curls are dynamically painted, and the vivid color of each flower accentuates the wavy shaped cup. Each flower and purple arabesque pattern decorated by KOHCHI glaze is cheerful and bright, yet painted delicately on the white color based cup. Tangled airy KARAKUSA patterns are depicted gracefully in the simple design and color. It takes much time to describe lively and airy arabesque patterns. It is one of the more difficult and time-consuming techniques.

The shape of this cup is also very unique. It is widely opened from the bottom to the rim gradually, and YUBIATO, which is made by fingers, gives variation to the cup. This wavy shaped cup fits in the hands comfortably, and brings a relaxing atmosphere.

The small boy looking over the rim of the tea cup is a very traditional and famous style of ornament in Kyo-Yaki porcelain known as IKKAN-JIN. His facial expression is elaborately depicted and we can see that he is curiously looking into the cup. This decoration not only accents the cup but also brings a unique atmosphere. When you drink from this multi-cup, you will see his charming face. IKKAN-JIN does not speak, but always asks what is on your mind. IKKAN-JIN creates a warm and calm atmosphere, and enriches your tea time.

This multi-cup is suitable not only to enjoy the subtle flavor of high quality Japanese tea, but also to enjoy various drinks and dishes. Its various usages, and the fusion between traditional and modern will enrich your green moment.

Specially packaged in a carton box.
Lead-free. Made in Japan.
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Shinji Takeuchi

Mr. Shinji Takeuchi was born in Kyoto in 1958. His ancestor opened a pottery, Shuhoh Kiln, and he is the third generation. Shuhoh was a prominent maker of dyed ceramics in the Meiji period and his techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. His wheel and painting techniques give various expression to the work, and each piece is highly praised.

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