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Japanese Green Tea Hibiki-an
Atsushi Yasui
36 Shimonoto Yuyadani Ujitawara, Kyoto
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HAZORI TAME CHATAKU (handcrafted saucer: pair)

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Handcrafted saucer, diameter: 5.12inch (13cm)
Traditional Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft

Yamanaka Nuri is well known for high quality lacquer ware. Yamanaka is located in Ishikawa Prefecture and faces the Sea of Japan. It is about 200km (124miles) from Kyoto, which had been the MIYAKO capital of Japan for over a thousand years. There are many sophisticated works in Yamanaka Nuri lacquer craft.

Especially remarkable aspects of these Chataku are elegant shine, color and form. HAZORI, name of these Chataku, means "warped pinion" in Japanese. TAME is a specific color of lacquer craft. These Chataku look like a warped pinion when viewed nearly end-on. The form is beautiful. The color is a rich dark brown known as TAME. The shine is elegant and refined. It is one of the most traditional colors of Yamanaka Nuri, and becomes even more glossy and brilliant over time and through repeated use.

These Chataku are coated with lacquer four times. Lacquer craft gains the deepness of color and shine and increases in intensity with each new layer or coat of lacquer. These Chataku are made from only natural wood and lacquer material grown in the local area and crafted by traditional technique passed down for many generations. Tochi wood (of the Beech tree family) is used for these.
As someone with a love of Japanese tea and tea ware, you have probably noticed that many shops sell a wide variety of cheap lacquer ware - usually made outside Japan with low quality material such as plastic. Our Chataku are true lacquer ware made in Japan of natural wood and lacquer, following a time-honored traditional process by skilled artisan. One of the special aspects of true lacquer ware is that it gains a beautiful patina over time and through repeated use.

The size of these Chataku is medium to large, a little bit larger than average. So, these saucer fit both small and large size Yunomi (tea cup). And atmosphere of these Chataku matches both with sophisticated Yunomi like Kyo-Yaki and well-made earthenware like Shigaraki-Yaki.

Specially packaged in a special carton box.
Made in Japan.
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- Never soak lacquer ware in water for a long time. After using, wash as soon as possible and wipe with a dry cloth for long-life usage.
- Never leave lacquer ware in direct sunlight or high humidity, to avoid the risk of transformation, discoloration and mold.
- When you feel uncomfortable with the smell of new lacquer ware, leave it in an airy room for a few days.
- If you find an oily spot or fingerprint on your product, wipe with a soft cloth or paper carefully.
- Never use scrubbing brushes, scouring powders or dish washing machines.

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