Cost of Shipping

Hibiki-an ships worldwide directly from Uji in Kyoto, Japan. Our shipping fees are the same worldwide.

Standard International Delivery

Free International Shipping on all orders of US$36.00 or more. And free shipping on all tea ware and gift items!
For orders less than US$36.00, we charge by weight using the following rates (rates are the same worldwide):

100g ( 3.53oz)--- US$ 3.50 800g (26.24oz)--- US$17.50
200g ( 7.06oz)--- US$ 5.70 900g (31.77oz)--- US$19.50
300g (10.59oz)--- US$ 7.60 1000g (35.27oz)--- US$22.80
400g (14.12oz)--- US$ 9.60 1200g (42.36oz)--- US$23.10
500g (17.65oz)--- US$11.60 1400g (49.42oz)--- US$25.60
600g (21.18oz)--- US$13.60 1700g (60.01oz)--- US$28.10
700g (24.71oz)--- US$15.60 1900g (67.07oz)--- US$30.60

Express International Delivery

International Express Delivery has a faster, more precise schedule, and is trackable (package location is tracked). It is an additional US$9.50 and the delivery time is usually 4 to 8 days (*).
All orders of US$150 or more get free International Express shipping at no extra charge. If you order US$150 or more, you don't need to choose International Express Delivery Option - you will get this option automatically.
This is a good option for gifts, especially during the busy winter holiday season when international shipping gets congested.
To choose this International Express Delivery Option, please check the box on the checkout page.

(*) The delivery time is different for each destination, depending on the postal service and customs conditions in each country.
Please note that we can't guarantee the delivery time or exact date of delivery.