Preparation of Matcha

High grade Matcha is ground into very fine powder, so it gets rich foam on top when whisked with the bamboo Chasen. However it is also easy for static electricity to build up and for Matcha to clump. In order to improve the taste and avoid lumps, we recommend that you sift the Matcha before whisking for a smooth texture.
To create a rich and foamy bowl of Matcha, move the bamboo Chasen quickly like writing the letter "W." It is not a circular stirring motion. Move your wrist back and forth very quickly in short jerks. This method creates a nice frothy lather.
There are two ways to prepare Matcha: Usucha (thin matcha, the standard way) and Koicha (strong Matcha, the special way for tea ceremony). While most Matcha consumed on a daily basis is Usucha, the Matcha enthusiast cannot resist an occasional bowl of Koicha. Traditionally, Koicha is for tea ceremony and other special events. For those who are new to Matcha, we recommend starting with Usucha.